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"""Reads chemical data in SDF format (wraps the molfile format).

from typing import TextIO

from ase.atoms import Atoms
from ase.utils import reader

def get_num_atoms_sdf_v2000(first_line: str) -> int:
    """Parse the first line extracting the number of atoms.

    The V2000 dialect uses a fixed field length of 3, which means there
    won't be space between the numbers if there are 100+ atoms, and
    the format doesn't support 1000+ atoms at all.
    return int(first_line[0:3])  # first three characters

[docs]@reader def read_sdf(file_obj: TextIO) -> Atoms: """Read the sdf data and compose the corresponding Atoms object.""" lines = file_obj.readlines() # first three lines header del lines[:3] num_atoms = get_num_atoms_sdf_v2000(lines.pop(0)) positions = [] symbols = [] for line in lines[:num_atoms]: x, y, z, symbol = line.split()[:4] symbols.append(symbol) positions.append((float(x), float(y), float(z))) return Atoms(symbols=symbols, positions=positions)