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import numpy as np
from import EPS

class PNG(EPS):
    def write_header(self, fd):

    def _renderer(self, fd):
        from matplotlib.backends.backend_agg import RendererAgg
        dpi = 72
        return RendererAgg(self.w, self.h, dpi)

    def write_trailer(self, fd, renderer):
        # The array conversion magic is necessary to make things work with
        # matplotlib 2.0.0, 3.2.x, and 3.3.0 at the same time.
        import matplotlib.image
        buf = renderer.buffer_rgba()
        # Buf is of type bytes (matplotlib < 3.3.0) or memoryview.
        # That might be an implementation detail.
        array = np.frombuffer(buf, dtype=np.uint8).reshape(
            int(self.h), int(self.w), 4)
            fd, array, format="png")

[docs]def write_png(filename, atoms, **parameters): PNG(atoms, **parameters).write(filename)