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"""Extension to ASE: read and write structures in GEN format

Refer to DFTB+ manual for GEN format description.

Note: GEN format only supports single snapshot.

from ase.atoms import Atoms
from ase.utils import reader, writer

[docs]@reader def read_gen(fileobj): """Read structure in GEN format (refer to DFTB+ manual). Multiple snapshot are not allowed. """ image = Atoms() lines = fileobj.readlines() line = lines[0].split() natoms = int(line[0]) pb_flag = line[1] if line[1] not in ['C', 'F', 'S']: if line[1] == 'H': raise IOError('Error in line #1: H (Helical) is valid but not ' 'supported. Only C (Cluster), S (Supercell) ' 'or F (Fraction) are supported options') else: raise IOError('Error in line #1: only C (Cluster), S (Supercell) ' 'or F (Fraction) are supported options') # Read atomic symbols line = lines[1].split() # Define a dictionary with symbols-id symboldict = dict() symbolid = 1 for symb in line: symboldict[symbolid] = symb symbolid += 1 # Read atoms (GEN format supports only single snapshot) del lines[:2] positions = [] symbols = [] for line in lines[:natoms]: dummy, symbolid, x, y, z = line.split()[:5] symbols.append(symboldict[int(symbolid)]) positions.append([float(x), float(y), float(z)]) image = Atoms(symbols=symbols, positions=positions) del lines[:natoms] # If Supercell, parse periodic vectors. # If Fraction, translate into Supercell. if pb_flag == 'C': return image else: # Dummy line: line after atom positions is not uniquely defined # in gen implementations, and not necessary in DFTB package del lines[:1] image.set_pbc([True, True, True]) p = [] for i in range(3): x, y, z = lines[i].split()[:3] p.append([float(x), float(y), float(z)]) image.set_cell([(p[0][0], p[0][1], p[0][2]), (p[1][0], p[1][1], p[1][2]), (p[2][0], p[2][1], p[2][2])]) if pb_flag == 'F': frac_positions = image.get_positions() image.set_scaled_positions(frac_positions) return image
[docs]@writer def write_gen(fileobj, images, fractional=False): """Write structure in GEN format (refer to DFTB+ manual). Multiple snapshots are not allowed. """ if not isinstance(images, (list, tuple)): images = [images] # Images is kept in a list but a size > 0 is not allowed # as GEN format doesn't support multiple snapshots. # Images is used as a list for consistency with the other # output modules if len(images) != 1: raise ValueError('images contains more than one structure\n' + 'GEN format supports only single snapshot output') symbols = images[0].get_chemical_symbols() # Define a dictionary with symbols-id symboldict = dict() for sym in symbols: if not (sym in symboldict): symboldict[sym] = len(symboldict) + 1 # An ordered symbol list is needed as ordered dictionary # is just available in python 2.7 orderedsymbols = list(['null'] * len(symboldict.keys())) for sym in symboldict.keys(): orderedsymbols[symboldict[sym] - 1] = sym # Check whether the structure is periodic # GEN cannot describe periodicity in one or two direction, # a periodic structure is considered periodic in all the # directions. If your structure is not periodical in all # the directions, be sure you have set big periodicity # vectors in the non-periodic directions if fractional: pb_flag = 'F' elif images[0].pbc.any(): pb_flag = 'S' else: pb_flag = 'C' natoms = len(symbols) ind = 0 for atoms in images: fileobj.write('%d %-5s\n' % (natoms, pb_flag)) for s in orderedsymbols: fileobj.write('%-5s' % s) fileobj.write('\n') if fractional: coords = atoms.get_scaled_positions(wrap=False) else: coords = atoms.get_positions(wrap=False) for sym, (x, y, z) in zip(symbols, coords): ind += 1 symbolid = symboldict[sym] fileobj.write('%-6d %d %22.15f %22.15f %22.15f\n' % (ind, symbolid, x, y, z)) if images[0].pbc.any() or fractional: fileobj.write('%22.15f %22.15f %22.15f \n' % (0.0, 0.0, 0.0)) fileobj.write('%22.15f %22.15f %22.15f \n' % (images[0].get_cell()[0][0], images[0].get_cell()[0][1], images[0].get_cell()[0][2])) fileobj.write('%22.15f %22.15f %22.15f \n' % (images[0].get_cell()[1][0], images[0].get_cell()[1][1], images[0].get_cell()[1][2])) fileobj.write('%22.15f %22.15f %22.15f \n' % (images[0].get_cell()[2][0], images[0].get_cell()[2][1], images[0].get_cell()[2][2]))