Source code for ase.calculators.plumed

from os.path import exists

import numpy as np

from ase.calculators.calculator import Calculator, all_changes
from import Trajectory
from ase.parallel import broadcast, world
from ase.units import fs, kJ, mol, nm

def restart_from_trajectory(prev_traj, *args, prev_steps=None, atoms=None,
    """This function helps the user to restart a plumed simulation
    from a trajectory file.

    prev_traj : Trajectory object
        previous simulated trajectory

    prev_steps : int. Default steps in prev_traj.
        number of previous steps

    others :
       Same parameters of :mod:`~ase.calculators.plumed` calculator

    Plumed calculator

    .. note:: prev_steps is crucial when trajectory does not contain
        all the previous steps.
    atoms.calc = Plumed(*args, atoms=atoms, restart=True, **kwargs)

    with Trajectory(prev_traj) as traj:
        if prev_steps is None:
            atoms.calc.istep = len(traj) - 1
            atoms.calc.istep = prev_steps
    return atoms.calc

[docs]class Plumed(Calculator): implemented_properties = ['energy', 'forces'] def __init__(self, calc, input, timestep, atoms=None, kT=1., log='', restart=False, use_charge=False, update_charge=False): """ Plumed calculator is used for simulations of enhanced sampling methods with the open-source code PLUMED ( [1] The PLUMED consortium, Nat. Methods 16, 670 (2019) [2] Tribello, Bonomi, Branduardi, Camilloni, and Bussi, Comput. Phys. Commun. 185, 604 (2014) Parameters ---------- calc: Calculator object It computes the unbiased forces input: List of strings It contains the setup of plumed actions timestep: float Time step of the simulated dynamics atoms: Atoms Atoms object to be attached kT: float. Default 1. Value of the thermal energy in eV units. It is important for some methods of plumed like Well-Tempered Metadynamics. log: string Log file of the plumed calculations restart: boolean. Default False True if the simulation is restarted. use_charge: boolean. Default False True if you use some collective variable which needs charges. If use_charges is True and update_charge is False, you have to define initial charges and then this charge will be used during all simulation. update_charge: boolean. Default False True if you want the charges to be updated each time step. This will fail in case that calc does not have 'charges' in its properties. .. note:: For this case, the calculator is defined strictly with the object atoms inside. This is necessary for initializing the Plumed object. For conserving ASE convention, it can be initialized as atoms.calc = (..., atoms=atoms, ...) .. note:: In order to guarantee a proper restart, the user has to fix momenta, positions and Plumed.istep, where the positions and momenta corresponds to the last configuration in the previous simulation, while Plumed.istep is the number of timesteps performed previously. This can be done using ase.calculators.plumed.restart_from_trajectory. """ from plumed import Plumed as pl if atoms is None: raise TypeError('plumed calculator has to be defined with the \ object atoms inside.') self.istep = 0 Calculator.__init__(self, atoms=atoms) self.input = input self.calc = calc self.use_charge = use_charge self.update_charge = update_charge if world.rank == 0: natoms = len(atoms.get_positions()) self.plumed = pl() ''' Units setup warning: inputs and outputs of plumed will still be in plumed units. The change of Plumed units to ASE units is: kjoule/mol to eV nm to Angstrom ps to ASE time units ASE and plumed - charge unit is in e units ASE and plumed - mass unit is in a.m.u units ''' ps = 1000 * fs self.plumed.cmd("setMDEnergyUnits", mol / kJ) self.plumed.cmd("setMDLengthUnits", 1 / nm) self.plumed.cmd("setMDTimeUnits", 1 / ps) self.plumed.cmd("setMDChargeUnits", 1.) self.plumed.cmd("setMDMassUnits", 1.) self.plumed.cmd("setNatoms", natoms) self.plumed.cmd("setMDEngine", "ASE") self.plumed.cmd("setLogFile", log) self.plumed.cmd("setTimestep", float(timestep)) self.plumed.cmd("setRestart", restart) self.plumed.cmd("setKbT", float(kT)) self.plumed.cmd("init") for line in input: self.plumed.cmd("readInputLine", line) self.atoms = atoms def _get_name(self): return f'{}+Plumed' def calculate(self, atoms=None, properties=['energy', 'forces'], system_changes=all_changes): Calculator.calculate(self, atoms, properties, system_changes) comp = self.compute_energy_and_forces(self.atoms.get_positions(), self.istep) energy, forces = comp self.istep += 1 self.results['energy'], self. results['forces'] = energy, forces def compute_energy_and_forces(self, pos, istep): unbiased_energy = self.calc.get_potential_energy(self.atoms) unbiased_forces = self.calc.get_forces(self.atoms) if world.rank == 0: ener_forc = self.compute_bias(pos, istep, unbiased_energy) else: ener_forc = None energy_bias, forces_bias = broadcast(ener_forc) energy = unbiased_energy + energy_bias forces = unbiased_forces + forces_bias return energy, forces def compute_bias(self, pos, istep, unbiased_energy): self.plumed.cmd("setStep", istep) if self.use_charge: if 'charges' in self.calc.implemented_properties and \ self.update_charge: charges = self.calc.get_charges(atoms=self.atoms.copy()) elif self.atoms.has('initial_charges') and not self.update_charge: charges = self.atoms.get_initial_charges() else: assert not self.update_charge, "Charges cannot be updated" assert self.update_charge, "Not initial charges in Atoms" self.plumed.cmd("setCharges", charges) # Box for functions with PBC in plumed if self.atoms.cell: cell = np.asarray(self.atoms.get_cell()) self.plumed.cmd("setBox", cell) self.plumed.cmd("setPositions", pos) self.plumed.cmd("setEnergy", unbiased_energy) self.plumed.cmd("setMasses", self.atoms.get_masses()) forces_bias = np.zeros((self.atoms.get_positions()).shape) self.plumed.cmd("setForces", forces_bias) virial = np.zeros((3, 3)) self.plumed.cmd("setVirial", virial) self.plumed.cmd("prepareCalc") self.plumed.cmd("performCalc") energy_bias = np.zeros((1,)) self.plumed.cmd("getBias", energy_bias) return [energy_bias, forces_bias] def write_plumed_files(self, images): """ This function computes what is required in plumed input for some trajectory. The outputs are saved in the typical files of plumed such as COLVAR, HILLS """ for i, image in enumerate(images): pos = image.get_positions() self.compute_energy_and_forces(pos, i) return self.read_plumed_files() def read_plumed_files(self, file_name=None): read_files = {} if file_name is not None: read_files[file_name] = np.loadtxt(file_name, unpack=True) else: for line in self.input: if line.find('FILE') != -1: ini = line.find('FILE') end = line.find(' ', ini) if end == -1: file_name = line[ini + 5:] else: file_name = line[ini + 5:end] read_files[file_name] = np.loadtxt(file_name, unpack=True) if len(read_files) == 0: if exists('COLVAR'): read_files['COLVAR'] = np.loadtxt('COLVAR', unpack=True) if exists('HILLS'): read_files['HILLS'] = np.loadtxt('HILLS', unpack=True) assert not len(read_files) == 0, "There are not files for reading" return read_files def __enter__(self): return self def __exit__(self, *args): self.plumed.finalize()