Phonon calculations

Module for calculating vibrational normal modes for periodic systems using the so-called small displacement method (see e.g. [Alfe]). So far, space-group symmetries are not exploited to reduce the number of atomic displacements that must be calculated and subsequent symmetrization of the force constants.

For polar materials the dynamical matrix at the zone center acquires a non-analytical contribution that accounts for the LO-TO splitting. This contribution requires additional functionality to evaluate and is not included in the present implementation. Its implementation in conjunction with the small displacement method is described in [Wang].


Simple example showing how to calculate the phonon dispersion for bulk aluminum using a 7x7x7 supercell within effective medium theory:

from ase.lattice import bulk
from ase.calculators.emt import EMT
from ase.dft.kpoints import ibz_points, get_bandpath
from ase.phonons import Phonons

# Setup crystal and EMT calculator
atoms = bulk('Al', 'fcc', a=4.05)
calc = EMT()

# Phonon calculator
N = 7
ph = Phonons(atoms, calc, supercell=(N, N, N), delta=0.05)

# Read forces and assemble the dynamical matrix

# High-symmetry points in the Brillouin zone
points = ibz_points['fcc']
G = points['Gamma']
X = points['X']
W = points['W']
K = points['K']
L = points['L']
U = points['U']

point_names = ['$\Gamma$', 'X', 'U', 'L', '$\Gamma$', 'K']
path = [G, X, U, L, G, K]

# Band structure in meV
path_kc, q, Q = get_bandpath(path, atoms.cell, 100)
omega_kn = 1000 * ph.band_structure(path_kc)

# Calculate phonon DOS
omega_e, dos_e = ph.dos(kpts=(50, 50, 50), npts=5000, delta=5e-4)
omega_e *= 1000

# Plot the band structure and DOS
import pylab as plt
plt.figure(1, (8, 6))
plt.axes([.1, .07, .67, .85])
for n in range(len(omega_kn[0])):
    omega_n = omega_kn[:, n]
    plt.plot(q, omega_n, 'k-', lw=2)

plt.xticks(Q, point_names, fontsize=18)
plt.xlim(q[0], q[-1])
plt.ylabel("Frequency ($\mathrm{meV}$)", fontsize=22)

plt.axes([.8, .07, .17, .85])
plt.fill_between(dos_e, omega_e, y2=0, color='lightgrey', edgecolor='k', lw=1)
plt.ylim(0, 35)
plt.xticks([], [])
plt.yticks([], [])
plt.xlabel("DOS", fontsize=18)

Mode inspection using ase-gui:

# Write modes for specific q-vector to trajectory files
ph.write_modes([l/2 for l in L], branches=[2], repeat=(8, 8, 8), kT=3e-4)
[Alfe]D. Alfe, PHON: A program to calculate phonons using the small displacement method, Comput. Phys. Commun. 180, 2622 (2009)
[Wang]Y. Wang et al., A mixed-space approach to first-principles calculations of phonon frequencies for polar materials, J. Phys.: Cond. Matter 22, 202201 (2010)