Sophia cluster at HPC Risø

This document explains how to compile a developer version of GPAW on Sophia.

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Creating the venv

Download the script and run it like this:

$ ./ <venv-name>

After a few minutes, you will have a <venv-name> folder with a GPAW installation inside.

Using the venv

In the following, we will assume that your venv folder is ~/venv1/. The venv needs to be activated like this:

$ source ~/venv1/bin/activate

and you can deactivate it when you no longer need to use it:

$ deactivate

You will want the activation to happen automatically for the jobs you submit to Sophia. Here are three ways to do it:

  1. If you always want to use one venv then just put the activation command in your ~/.bashrc.

  2. If you only want jobs running inside a certain folder to use the venv, then add this to your ~/.bashrc:

    if [[ $SLURM_SUBMIT_DIR/ = $HOME/project-1* ]]; then
        source ~/venv1/bin/activate

    Now, SLURM-jobs submitted inside your ~/project-1/ folder will use the venv.

  3. Use the “automatic discovery of venv’s” feature of MyQueue:

    $ cd ~/project-1
    $ ln -s ~/venv1 venv
    $ mq submit

    MyQueue will look for venv/ folders (or soft-links as in the example) in one of the parent folders and activate the venv automatically when your job starts running.

Full script

set -e  # stop if there are errors

echo '
export EASYBUILD_PREFIX=/groups/physics/modules
module use $EASYBUILD_PREFIX/modules/all
module purge
module load GPAW/21.6.0-foss-2020b-libxc-5.1.5-ASE-3.22.0
' >

python3 -m venv $NAME
cd $NAME
. bin/activate
PIP="python3 -m pip"
$PIP install --upgrade pip -qq

mv bin/activate old
mv ../ bin/activate
cat old >> bin/activate
rm old
$PIP install pytz
git clone
$PIP install -U ase/

git clone
cd asr
git checkout old-master
#git checkout om_spinspiral
cd ..
$PIP install -e asr

git clone
cd gpaw
#git checkout old-spinspiral
cd ..
echo "
from os import environ
from pathlib import Path
scalapack = True
fftw = True
libraries = ['openblas', 'fftw3', 'readline', 'gfortran',
             'scalapack', 'xc', 'vdwxc']
libxc = Path(environ['EBROOTLIBXC'])
include_dirs.append(libxc / 'include')
libvdwxc = Path(environ['EBROOTLIBVDWXC'])
include_dirs.append(libvdwxc / 'include')
library_dirs = environ['LD_LIBRARY_PATH'].split(':')
" > gpaw/
pip install -e gpaw

$PIP install myqueue graphviz qeh ase-ext

gpaw install-data --basis --version=20000 . --no-register
export GPAW_SETUP_PATH=$GPAW_SETUP_PATH:$VENV/gpaw-basis-pvalence-0.9.20000
echo "export GPAW_SETUP_PATH=$GPAW_SETUP_PATH" >> bin/activate

ase completion >> bin/activate
gpaw completion >> bin/activate
mq completion >> bin/activate
$PIP completion --bash >> bin/activate

echo '
if [[ $SLURM_SUBMIT_DIR ]]; then
    export MPLBACKEND=Agg
    export MPLBACKEND=TkAgg
fi' >> bin/activate

pip install flask==2.1.0

# Fix to remove the GPAW and ASE module installed in the "GPAW/21.6.0-foss-2020b" toolchain from path
echo '
export PYTHONPATH=/groups/physics/modules/software/spglib-python/1.16.0-foss-2020b/lib/python3.8/site-packages:/groups/physics/modules/software/matplotlib/3.3.3-foss-2020b/lib/python3.8/site-packages:/g\
' >> bin/activate

mq --version
#ase info
#gpaw test
source bin/activate
pip uninstall ase
pip install ase/
ase info
gpaw test