(AMD Opteron, Infiniband, ACML)

Here you find information about the system

Installation of user’s packages on murska is recommended under /v/users/$USER/appl/.

We want to use python2.4 and gcc compiler:

> module load python
> module swap PrgEnv-pgi PrgEnv-gnu

and use this

scalapack = True

extra_compile_args =['-O3', '-std=c99']

libraries =['gfortran','acml','scalapack','mpiblacsF77init','mpiblacs','scalapack']
library_dirs =[

define_macros += [('GPAW_NO_UNDERSCORE_CBLACS', '1')]
define_macros += [('GPAW_NO_UNDERSCORE_CSCALAPACK', '1')]

Then, compile GPAW python build_ext.

A sample job script:


#BSUB -n 4
#BSUB -W 0:10
#BSUB -J jobname_%J
#BSUB -e jobname_err_%J
#BSUB -o jobname_out_%J

# If you install you personal version of gpaw under /v/users/$USER/appl/
# load the required modules and set the environment variables PYTHONPATH, etc.
module load ASE/svn
module swap PrgEnv-pgi PrgEnv-gnu
module load gpaw-setups
setenv PYTHONPATH /v/users/$USER/appl/gpaw:$PYTHONPATH
setenv PATH /v/users/$USER/appl/gpaw/build/bin.linux-x86_64-2.4:$PATH

# Alternatively, use a preinstalled version of gpaw load just gpaw/svn module
# which sets all the correct environment variables
# module load gpaw/svn

mpirun -srun gpaw-python

Murska uses LSF-HPC batch system where jobs are submitted as (note the stdin redirection):

> bsub <