Reports, presentations, and theses using gpaw

  • Slides from the “GPAW 2021 Users and developers meeting”: A tour of the GPAW source code

  • Summer-school 2014 talk about PAW, GPAW and ASE: ss14.pdf

  • A short note on the basics of PAW: paw_note.pdf

  • A master thesis on the inclusion of non-local exact exchange in the PAW formalism, and the implementation in gpaw: rostgaard_master.pdf

  • A master thesis on the inclusion of a localized basis in the PAW formalism, plus implementation and test results in GPAW: marco_master.pdf

  • A master thesis on the inclusion of localized basis sets in the PAW formalism, focusing on basis set generation and force calculations: askhl_master.pdf

  • A course report on a project involving the optimization of the setups (equivalent of pseudopotentials) in gpaw: askhl_10302_report.pdf

  • Slides from a talk about PAW: mortensen_paw.pdf

  • Slides from a talk about GPAW development: mortensen_gpaw-dev.pdf

  • Slides from a mini symposium during early development stage: mortensen_mini2003talk.pdf

Articles on the PAW formalism

The original article introducing the PAW formalism:
P. E. Blöchl
Physical Review B, Vol. 50, 17953, 1994
A different formulation of PAW by Kresse and Joubert designed to make the transition from USPP to PAW easy.
G. Kresse and D. Joubert
Physical Review B, Vol. 59, 1758, 1999
A second, more pedagogical, article on PAW by Blöchl and co-workers.
P. E. Blöchl, C. J. Först, and J. Schimpl
Bulletin of Materials Science, Vol. 26, 33, 2003

Citations of the GPAW method papers


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