Mail List

There is a mailing list for getting help and for discussing GPAW:

You should consider also subscribing to the ASE Mailing List.

Note that you can search the mailing list archives: click on the mailing list above, then choose the archive, and search from that page.

Internet Relay Chat

We have the IRC channel #gpaw on FreeNode. Please join us if you have any questions. For easy access, you can use this webclient.

Note: While IRC is much more interactive than e-mail, there are not as many people as on the mailing list, and those present are not continually reading it. Therefore if you don’t receive an answer quickly you can either send an e-mail instead, or simply stay online till the day after. This is particularly true if you ask your question at 04:00 at night (in Europe) and/or during the weekend. Finally, to save time, state your complete question immediately instead of asking whether someone might be able to answer a question related to some topic.


Feel free to create Merge Requests and Issues on our GitLab page:

Old mail lists

These lists are inactive and serve as an archives only: