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from __future__ import annotations
import warnings

from typing import Any, Sequence

import numpy as np

parameter_functions = {}


def input_parameter(func):
    """Decorator for input-parameter normalization functions."""
    parameter_functions[func.__name__] = func
    return func

def update_dict(default: dict, value: dict | None) -> dict[str, Any]:
    """Create dict with defaults + updates.

    >>> update_dict({'a': 1, 'b': 'hello'}, {'a': 2})
    {'a': 2, 'b': 'hello'}
    >>> update_dict({'a': 1, 'b': 'hello'}, None)
    {'a': 1, 'b': 'hello'}
    >>> update_dict({'a': 1, 'b': 'hello'}, {'c': 2})
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    ValueError: Unknown key: 'c'. Must be one of a, b
    dct = default.copy()
    if value is not None:
        if not value.keys() <= default.keys():
            key = (value.keys() - default.keys()).pop()
            raise ValueError(
                f'Unknown key: {key!r}. Must be one of {", ".join(default)}')
    return dct

[docs]class InputParameters: basis: Any charge: float convergence: dict[str, Any] eigensolver: dict[str, Any] experimental: dict[str, Any] external: dict[str, Any] gpts: None | Sequence[int] h: float | None hund: bool kpts: dict[str, Any] magmoms: Any mode: dict[str, Any] nbands: None | int | str parallel: dict[str, Any] poissonsolver: dict[str, Any] setups: Any soc: bool spinpol: bool symmetry: dict[str, Any] xc: dict[str, Any] def __init__(self, params: dict[str, Any], warn: bool = True): self.keys = sorted(params) for key in params: if key not in parameter_functions: raise ValueError( f'Unknown parameter {key!r}. Must be one of: ' + ', '.join(parameter_functions)) for key, func in parameter_functions.items(): if key in params: param = params[key] if hasattr(param, 'todict'): param = param.todict() value = func(param) else: value = func() self.__dict__[key] = value if self.h is not None and self.gpts is not None: raise ValueError("""You can't use both "gpts" and "h"!""") if self.experimental is not None: if self.experimental.pop('niter_fixdensity', None) is not None: warnings.warn('Ignoring "niter_fixdensity".') if self.experimental.pop('reuse_wfs_method', None) is not None: warnings.warn('Ignoring "reuse_wfs_method".') if 'soc' in self.experimental: warnings.warn('Please use new "soc" parameter.', DeprecatedParameterWarning) self.soc = self.experimental.pop('soc') if 'magmoms' in self.experimental: warnings.warn('Please use new "magmoms" parameter.', DeprecatedParameterWarning) self.magmoms = self.experimental.pop('magmoms') self.keys.append('magmoms') self.keys.sort() assert not self.experimental self.keys.remove('experimental') self.__dict__.pop('experimental') if self.mode.get('name') is None: if warn: warnings.warn( ('Finite-difference mode implicitly chosen; ' 'it will be an error to not specify a mode ' 'in the future'), DeprecatedParameterWarning) self.mode = dict(self.mode, name='fd') def __repr__(self) -> str: p = ', '.join(f'{key}={value!r}' for key, value in self.items()) return f'InputParameters({p})'
[docs] def items(self): for key in self.keys: yield key, getattr(self, key)
def __contains__(self, key): return key in self.keys
@input_parameter def basis(value=None): """Atomic basis set.""" return value or {} @input_parameter def charge(value=0.0): return value @input_parameter def convergence(value=None): """Accuracy of the self-consistency cycle.""" return value or {} @input_parameter def eigensolver(value=None) -> dict: """Eigensolver.""" if isinstance(value, str): value = {'name': value} if value and value['name'] != 'dav': warnings.warn(f'{value["name"]} not implemented. Using dav instead') return {'name': 'dav'} return value or {} @input_parameter def experimental(value=None): return value @input_parameter def external(value=None): return value @input_parameter def gpts(value=None): """Number of grid points.""" return value @input_parameter def h(value=None): """Grid spacing.""" return value @input_parameter def hund(value=False): """Using Hund's rule for guessing initial magnetic moments.""" return value @input_parameter def kpts(value=None) -> dict[str, Any]: """Brillouin-zone sampling.""" if value is None: value = {'size': (1, 1, 1)} elif not isinstance(value, dict): array = np.array(value) if array.shape == (3,): value = {'size': array} else: value = {'kpts': array} return value @input_parameter def magmoms(value=None): return value @input_parameter def maxiter(value=333): """Maximum number of SCF-iterations.""" return value @input_parameter def mixer(value=None): return value or {} @input_parameter def mode(value=None): if value is None: return {'name': value} if isinstance(value, str): return {'name': value} gc = value.pop('gammacentered', False) assert not gc return value @input_parameter def nbands(value: str | int | None = None) -> str | int | None: """Number of electronic bands.""" return value @input_parameter def occupations(value=None): return value @input_parameter def parallel(value: dict[str, Any] | None = None) -> dict[str, Any]: dct = update_dict({'kpt': None, 'domain': None, 'band': None, 'order': 'kdb', 'stridebands': False, 'augment_grids': False, 'sl_auto': False, 'sl_default': None, 'sl_diagonalize': None, 'sl_inverse_cholesky': None, 'sl_lcao': None, 'sl_lrtddft': None, 'use_elpa': False, 'elpasolver': '2stage', 'buffer_size': None, 'gpu': False}, value) return dct @input_parameter def poissonsolver(value=None): """Poisson solver.""" return value or {} @input_parameter def random(value=False): return value @input_parameter def setups(value='paw'): """PAW datasets or pseudopotentials.""" return value if isinstance(value, dict) else {'default': value} @input_parameter def soc(value=False): return value @input_parameter def spinpol(value=False): return value @input_parameter def symmetry(value='undefined'): """Use of symmetry.""" if value == 'undefined': value = {} elif value is None or value == 'off': value = {'point_group': False, 'time_reversal': False} return value @input_parameter def xc(value='LDA'): """Exchange-Correlation functional.""" if isinstance(value, str): return {'name': value} return value class DeprecatedParameterWarning(FutureWarning): """Warning class for when a parameter or its value is deprecated."""