Dell ME484 JBOD storage

The Dell EMC PowerVault ME484 JBOD storage contains up to 84 3.5” SAS disks of up to 18 TB each.

ME484 support

  • ME484_support page including documentation, software and firmware.

  • The ME484 Support Matrix paper lists the server HBA that have been tested for use with ME484 JBOD storage enclosures:

    • Dell HBA355e for PowerEdge 15th generation servers

    • Dell 12 Gbps SAS HBA for PowerEdge 13th, 14th, and 15th generation servers

    Please note that Dell PERC RAID controllers are not supported, and the SHM tools do not work when the ME484 is attached to a PERC controller.

  • The iDRAC controller does show the ME484 under the Storage page, even when it is attached to a PERC controller.

    However, the status of the ME484 is often outdated, especially regarding failed/rebuilding disks and system firmwares. A reboot of the iDRAC controller may sometimes update the information.

Server Hardware Manager (SHM)

See the SHM Dell EMC Storage PowerTools Server Hardware Manager Release 3.0 Administrator’s Guide. This software works only with HBA adapters, not PERC adapters.

perccli tools

The perccli tools may be used to inquire the status of ME484 systems when connected to a PERC controller.

This page describes how to download, install and use the Dell EMC PowerEdge RAID Controller (PERC) Command Line Interface (CLI) utility to manage your RAID controller on Dell EMC systems:

List all command options:

perccli -h

List PERC controllers in the system:

perccli show

List storage enclosures on controller #1:

perccli /c1 /eall show all

Show disk slots:

perccli /c1 /eall /sall show

Show disk rebuild status:

perccli /c1 /eall /sall show rebuild

Show detailed disk information including Firmware Revision (here for slot 75):

perccli /c1 /eall /s75 show all

ME484 firmware updates

The latest ME484 firmware as of October 2021 is 5280, A05, even though the support page currently lists an older 526E, A04 version.

PERC controller notes

WARNING: ME484 firmware cannot be updated when attached to a PERC controller!

When connected to a PERC controller, the ME484 current firmware is displayed by (for controller #1):

perccli /c1 /eall show all

for example as:

Vendor Identification = DellEMC
Product Identification = Array584EMM
Product Revision Level = 5280

Using an HBA for firmware updates

In stead of using PERC, it is mandatory to attach the ME484 to one of the HBA adapters listed above in the support matrix, and the SHM tools only works with HBA adapters (probably due to ME484 being based on LSI MegaRAID technology).

We have found that storage data are preserved with this procedure:

  • Disconnect the ME484 from a PERC controller.

  • Attaching to an HBA controller.

  • Perform ME484 firmware updates using HSM.

  • Reattach ME484 to the PERC controller.

Using SHM to update firmware

When the ME484 is attached to a supported HBA controller, the firmware package (for example, contains detailed installation instructions in the README.txt file.

As stated in the SHM manual section Updating EMM firmware:

Stop all I/O between the server and the attached enclosures containing the EMMs you intend to update.
● After this update process begins, you may lose access to the drives or enclosures connected to the update target.
The EMM does not respond to commands again until it is back online.
● If you have more than one storage enclosure in a daisy-chain, Dell EMC recommends that you update the EMMs
starting in the lowest tier of the chain and work back, up to the top enclosure.

First list adapters, enclosures and the 2 EMM modules per enclosure:

shmcli list adapters
shmcli list physical enclosures
shmcli list emms -a=0

The EMM firmware is listed under the Rev column (for example, 5280). The ME484 ServiceTag is listed under the Enclosure column.

The sequence of operations are to update right and left sideplanes and finally both EMMs 0 and 1:

shmcli update emm -a=0 -enc=500c0ff0f169263c -emm=0 -file=right_sideplane_combined_r2019.20.10.gff
shmcli update emm -a=0 -enc=500c0ff0f169263c -emm=0 -file=left_sideplane_combined_r2019.20.10.gff
shmcli update emm -a=0 -enc=500c0ff0f169263c -emm=0 -file=emm_canister_local_combined_non_disruptive_r2019.20.10.gff
shmcli update emm -a=0 -enc=500c0ff0f169263c -emm=1 -file=emm_canister_local_combined_non_disruptive_r2019.20.10.gff

The correct enclosure WWN must be used (in the example it is WWN=500c0ff0f169263c). The firmware file names depend on the release version.