IT when leaving DTU

When you are about to leave your employment at DTU, there will be some IT stuff that you should consider, primarily E-mail and data/document files.

The rather detailed description below will hopefully give you an understanding of DTU’s IT systems from the viewpoint of an employee.

DTUbasen and what it means to you

The IT-management of people at DTU is governed by the DTUbasen personnel database. See also this page on Identity_Management (in Danish only).

By logging in to DTUbasen you can view your own personnel data.

There are two types of personnel data:

  1. Basic personnel data such as name, address, CPR-number.

  2. So-called Profiles. Typically there are Profiles for employees, guests (visitors, collaborators, emeriti), and students.

Each person may have one or more DTUbasen Profiles. Each of the Profile(s) corresponds to some kind of association with a specific DTU department, for example, DTU Fysik. A Profile may have a status of Active or Deactivated, as defined by the Profile’s Start date and End date.

Requirement of an active Profile

In order for you to be able to log in to DTU IT-systems, including your DTU E-mail mailbox, at least one active Profile must exist for you in DTUbasen.

When you don’t have any active Profile, you can no longer access any DTU IT systems.

DTUbasen Guest Profile

When people leave DTU employment, there often will be a need for using the DTU E-mail mailbox for work-related tasks for some period of time, for example, for completing papers under publication.

If you have such a need, please follow these points:

  1. Access to your DTU mailbox requires at least one active Profile in DTUbasen.

  2. You must make an agreement with your group or section head to obtain a Guest Profile in DTUbasen.

  3. You should agree about the ending date of the Guest Profile - you can always request an extension at a later date if necessary.

  4. Please contact your section secretary to have this Guest Profile created.

Your E-mail at DTU

DTU Policy

It’s DTU’s policy regarding E-mail that all mail sent to a must have a final destination inside the DTU E-mail servers.

No forwarding of E-mail to remote addresses will be permitted by DTU.

See this policy document (in Danish only) on Inside.

E-mail auto-answer

It is polite to set up automatic E-mail auto-answers when you are no longer at DTU, so that people sending mail to you can be advised about your current status.

This can be done in Microsoft Outlook, or in the DTU webmail

  • Click Options in upper right corner, select Set automatic replies.

  • Enter the desired auto-answer text and the dates when the auto-answer will be effective.

  • Press Save.

Archiving of your mailbox

30 to 90 days after your Profiles in DTUbasen have been deactivated, you mailbox will be transferred to an archive and will no longer be accessible.

Please see the Archiving policy document (in Danish only) on Inside for further details.

Your files and documents

You probably have documents and data stored in various places at DTU. Please discuss with your group or section head how to dispose of this data before leaving.

Desktop and laptop PCs

Please make sure that you have backed up all the data from your desktop PC which you need after leaving DTU.

If some data should be handed over to your group or section head, please arrange this before leaving.

PCs bought for you with DTU grants are owned by DTU and must be returned to your group or section head.

Please put a note on the PC saying something like OK to reinstall this PC when you have made the backup. IT staff will wipe the PC before it’s given to another person.

Department file servers

Please talk to the IT staff about help in making any backups. Please agree with your group or section head whether any remaining data should be archived or deleted, or perhaps transferred to another person.

Central DTU storage

For data stored on central (AIT) storage systems, please ask the IT staff.