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Parallel codes use a message-passing library for explicitly programming parallel processes.
On Niflheim we have installed the `Open MPI library <http://www.open-mpi.org/>`_,
as well as a special MPI library for the Infiniband network.

On the desired login node load the openmpi module corresponding to the compiler and version you use, e.g. for intel::

  module load intel-compilers/2013.1.117
  module avail openmpi # list available openmpi modules
  module load openmpi/1.6.3-`echo $FYS_PLATFORM | cut -d "-" -f 1`-tm-intel-2013.1.117-1

or newer versions of gcc, e.g.::

   module load libmpc/0.8-3.el6
   module load gcc/4.8.3-`echo $FYS_PLATFORM | cut -d "-" -f 1`-1
   module load openmpi/1.6.5-`echo $FYS_PLATFORM | cut -d "-" -f 1`-tm-gfortran-4.8.3-1

The node architecture is given by::

  echo $FYS_PLATFORM | cut -d "-" -f 1

See `Installed_software <Installed_software>`_ for more about modules.
Please see the Niflheim7_Getting_started_ page.


Please see the Niflheim7_Getting_started page.

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