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* Dell_C6420_ server setup. * Dell_C6420_ and Dell_R640_ server setup.

IT-Wiki at DTU Fysik

Information to users of the DTU Fysik computer systems

The sections below describe DTU IT services of interest to most users at DTU:

E-mail client setup at DTU

DTU webmail service: For web browser access to your mail at the central DTU Exchange server, please use the webmail service at https://mail.win.dtu.dk.

For configuring E-mail client software on your PC we offer the following advice:

Calendar client setup at DTU

For configuring calendar client software on your PC we offer the following advice:

Niflheim Linux cluster administration

We have some general information about Linux cluster management for system administrators on the Niflheim page. Users of the Niflheim Linux cluster should consult The Niflheim WIKI.

Tivoli Storage Manager

We have some general information for system administrators about Tivoli Storage Manager software for system administrators:

Miscellaneous stuff for IT sysadmins

Here we collect tips and tricks that are relevant only to IT system administrators:

MoinMoin Wiki engine

This Wiki uses the MoinMoin Wiki Engine.

We have some information for Linux system administrators about management of MoinMoin for beginners in this page:

Subversion and Trac

We have some information for Linux system administrators about management of Subversion and Trac


This wiki has the following registered users:

Username Email Member of Groups Language
JensJørgenMortensen jensj@fysik.dtu.dk AdminGroup en
OleMogensen ole.mogensen@fysik.dtu.dk AdminGroup da
AmirNasserShamkhali (disabled) shamkhali@mehr.sharif.edu en
AnandNilekar (disabled) aunilekar@wisc.edu en
EgillSkulason (disabled) egillsk@fysik.dtu.dk en
FlemmingDue fd@struer-gym.dk en
JakobSchiøtz schiotz@fysik.dtu.dk AdminGroup en
JensStraboHummelshoj (disabled) strabo@fysik.dtu.dk en
JohnKitchin jkitchin@andrew.cmu.edu en
JunYan (disabled) juya@fysik.dtu.dk en
KarstenWedelJacobsen kwj@fysik.dtu.dk AdminGroup en
Kåre Hartvig Jensen khar@fysik.dtu.dk en
LouiseHaaning (disabled) lhaa@fysik.dtu.dk en
MarcinDulak (disabled) marcin.dulak@gmail.com en
MarcoVanin (disabled) mvanin@fysik.dtu.dk en
MogensSamuelsen (disabled) mrs@fysik.dtu.dk en
OleHolmNielsen Ole.H.Nielsen@fysik.dtu.dk AdminGroup en
OleTrinhammer ole.trinhammer@fysik.dtu.dk AdminGroup da
RobertJensen robert.jensen@fysik.dtu.dk da
ThomasOlsen tolsen@fysik.dtu.dk en
William Ahlgren (disabled) wahlgren@calpoly.edu en

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