TSM server initialization

This page explains how to install and initialize Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) on a Redhat RHEL4 Linux server. For further configuration of TSM consult the TSM-server-configuration page.

TSM documentation is available on-line from IBM's Tivoli Documentation site.

Installing RPM packages

We have downloaded the Tivoli Storage Manager packages from IBM (get patches here) to /home/data/TSM/Tivoli-5.3. Also, we have obtained the TSM license RPM from the IBM Academic Initiative website.

A prerequisite is that the compatibility library RPM has been installed:

# rpm -q compat-libstdc++-296 compat-libstdc++-33

Install TSM server

The Linux-server packages are installed following the README file's Linux Installation section. The RPMs are installed by:

tar xjvf TIVsm-server-5.3.2-0.i686.tar.bz2
(Check the README file)

Install the latest updated RPMs afterwards:

tar xjvf TIVsm-server-5.3.2-2.i686.tar.bz2
cd i686/
rpm -Uvh TIVsm-server-5.3.2-2.i386.rpm TIVsm-tsmscsi-5.3.2-2.i386.rpm

Also, install the command line help RPM:

rpm -Uvh TIVsm-cmdlinehelp.en_US.utf8-5.3.0-0.noarch.rpm

Install TSM client

The TSM client software from the Linux directory needs to be installed as well so that the TSM administration client can be used:

tar xvf TSM532C_FIX1_LINUX86.tar
rpm -Uvh TIVsm-BA.i386.rpm TIVsm-API.i386.rpm

Install TSM license

Install the TSM license RPM:

rpm -Uvh TIVsm-license-5.3.0-0.i386.rpm

Basic server configuration

Before starting the TSM server it should be configured somewhat. The installed TSM server files are in /opt/tivoli/tsm/server/bin/, so you should go to that directory first.

Create the file dsmserv.opt with the contents:

*** IBM TSM Server options file
*** Refer to dsmserv.opt.smp for other options
*** Local additions for servtsm.fysik.dtu.dk
VOLUMEHistory /opt/tivoli/tsm/server/bin/volhist
VOLUMEHistory /home/backup/TSM/volhist
DEVCONFIG /opt/tivoli/tsm/server/bin/devconfig
DEVCONFig /home/backup/TSM/devconfig
EXPInterval  24

where /home/backup/TSM is an NFS-mounted directory (root must have write-permission) on a different server, which is used for disaster recovery purposes.

Start the TSM server for the first time and define passwords and administrative users:

(output deleted)
TSM:SERVER1> set servername CAMP_BACKUP
TSM:CAMP_BACKUP> set serverpassword <secret password entered>
TSM:CAMP_BACKUP> register admin root <secret password entered>
TSM:CAMP_BACKUP> grant authority root classes=system
TSM:CAMP_BACKUP> register admin query <query-password> contact="TSM queries admin"
TSM:CAMP_BACKUP> query user

The <passwords> in the above commands should be chosen carefully.

From now on we omit the TSM:CAMP_BACKUP> command prompt when we list TSM commands.

Update password expiration

By default passwords expire after 90 days. Increase this within dsmadmc by:

set passexp 3000

Activate TSM licenses

The initial installation comes with a 60 days evaluation license, but the TIVsm-license-5.3.0-0.i386.rpm RPM (from IBM Academic Initiative, or bought from IBM) makes permanent licenses. You need to register the licenses:

register license file=tsmbasic.lic
register license file=tsmee.lic
register license file=dataret.lic

where filename.lic are your license files in /opt/tivoli/tsm/server/bin/.

You check the licenses with:

audit licenses
query license

Halt the TSM server

At this stage the basic TSM installation is completed, and you should stop the TSM server:


DO NOT execute the Linux/UNIX command halt !

You may restart the TSM server in the unlikely event that any additional basic configuration is necessary.

Start the TSM server daemon

Make sure that the TSM server gets started at system reboot time:

# cp /opt/tivoli/tsm/server/bin/dsmserv.rc /etc/init.d/
# chkconfig dsmserv.rc on

Now start the TSM server in the background at the UNIX shell prompt:

# service dsmserv.rc start
Starting dsmserv ... Succeeded :-)

Configure the TSM client

Create the file dsm.sys:

Servername         CAMP_BACKUP
Nodename        servtsm
TCPPort            1500
TCPServeraddress   servtsm.fysik.dtu.dk
*// Extra commands added at CAMP /OHN, 22-Mar-1996
Passwordaccess Generate
Schedlogname /var/log/adsmlog
Schedlogretention 8
Schedmode prompted
INCLEXCL /opt/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin/inclexcl.list

Create the file dsm.opt:

Servername         CAMP_BACKUP
Tapeprompt no
* Quiet

While the TSM server is running, test the administrative access from the UNIX shell prompt:

# dsmadmc
IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
Command Line Administrative Interface - Version 5, Release 3, Level 2.1
(c) Copyright by IBM Corporation and other(s) 1990, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

Enter your user id:  root

Enter your password:

Session established with server CAMP_BACKUP: Linux/i386
  Server Version 5, Release 3, Level 2.2
  Server date/time: 01/04/2006 14:28:21  Last access: 01/04/2006 14:28:14


Now the TSM server should be ready for further TSM-server-configuration.