Tivoli Storage Manager server

The Tivoli TSM backup server is currently running on the server servback, an IBM AIX server. TSM used to be called ADSM (Adstar Distributed Storage Manager) in the past, so many TSM commands start with the letters dsm.

TSM server administration

In order to administer the TSM server, log in (as root) to servback and run the dsmadmc program:

SU :/> dsmadmc
Tivoli Storage Manager
Command Line Administrative Interface - Version 4, Release 2, Level 2.1
(C) Copyright IBM Corporation, 1990, 2001, All Rights Reserved.

Enter your user id:  root

Enter your password:

Session established with server CAMP_BACKUP: AIX-RS/6000
  Server Version 4, Release 1, Level 6.0
  Server date/time: 12/09/05   13:47:39  Last access: 12/09/05   13:28:10

For security reasons you must do this while logged in to the TSM server, since the communication with the TSM server is unencrypted. In principle you could run dsmadmc on any TSM client, but it is forbidden to do so.

Replacing TSM tape volumes

When a TSM tape (in the tape robot) becomes defective, you may want to discard it in dsmadmc by the command:

tsm: CAMP_BACKUP> delete volume <Volume-name> DISCARDDATA=Yes

Here <Volume-name> is the tape's name in TSM, such as DLT002.

Now you can manually load a new tape cassette on the tape robot by using the spare cassette magasine. Press LOAD on the tape robot to load the new tape into the tape drive. At the command-line shell prompt execute this command to format the tape for TSM:

SU :/> dsmlabel -drive=/dev/mt0 -format

and when prompted enter the tape's name in TSM, for example DLT002.

Once the tape (DLT002 in this example) has been formatted, it can be added to the tape storage pool DLTPOOL0 using dsmadmc:

tsm: CAMP_BACKUP> define volume DLTPOOL0 DLT002

Issue query volume to verify that all TSM volumes are now available to TSM.