How to use Mac mail clients at DTU

This page contains end-user information about using the MacOSX Apple_Mail E-mail client at DTU with DTU's central Exchange mail server.

Apple_Mail communicates with Exchange mail servers using Microsoft's proprietary protocols, and hence can handle both E-mail as well as calendar appointments directly on the Exchange server. You can read about Apple - Mac OS X Snow Leopard - Exchange support out of the box for a description.

Server address for DTU Exchange server

E-mail clients which can speak the Microsoft Exchange protocols (such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple_Mail, and Evolution) should be configured to connect to this server name:

Setting up an E-mail account in Apple Mail

This information pertains to the MacOSX version 10.6.x SnowLeopard. Older versions of MacOSX work less smoothly...

To create a new E-mail account in Apple_Mail:

  1. Open the Mail->Settings->Accounts window.
  2. Press + to set up access to a new account.
  3. Use the mail-server address if needed.
  4. For your E-mail address use as in (so Apple Mail checks the correct mail-server).
  5. After the account is set up, change the address to your real E-mail address

See also Mail 4.0 Help.

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