DTU spam filter

FortiMail spam filter at DTU

Due to the increasing problems with spam E-mails, including malicious phishing messages, DTU has bought a commercial E-mail spam_filter product called FortiMail.

Documentation of spam filter

DTU's AIT service have documented user instructions etc. on the Portalen page http://portalen.dtu.dk/DTU_Generelt/AIT/Services/Infrastruktur/Email/Spamfilter.aspx

User instructions

The FortiMail spam_filter is going to quarantine suspicious E-mails, and at certain intervals you will receive Quarantine Summary messages from the server spamfilter1.dtu.dk, but only if there is new spam for you.

This is how you should use these quarantine messages:

  • Check the From and Subject columns. If you really want to receive one of these E-mails, please click the Release link.
  • If all of the quarantined E-mails in the list are spam (unwanted mails), just delete the quarantine message.

FortiMail web interface

For those of you who want more detailed information or control, you may click on the link To view your entire quarantine inbox or manage your preferences, Click Here in the Quarantine Summary message from the FortiMail server.

The web-page contains the list of quarantined messages for your mailbox, and you have the following options:

  • Click on a message to preview its content.
  • Right-click on a message to release or delete it, and possibly add the sender to your personal black-list or white-list.
  • In the menu to the left you can manage personal preferences such as blacklists. We do not yet have any instructions for these menus.

Security of Quarantine Summary messages

Please make sure that the expected DTU logo is present in the Quarantine Summary messages.

If you're suspicious of the quarantine message itself, please do not hesitate to contact the DTU Fysik IT-support (see below) so that we can verify it.

The links in Quarantine Summary messages are very long strings which automatically authenticate you in the FortiMail server. Therefore you should not have to log in with your username and password.

Do not share the Quarantine Summary messages and their links with other people.

General warnings against malicious phishing E-mails

Users at DTU are warned against malicious phishing E-mails which are sent to us very often!

In order to prevent users from falling victim to malicious phishing attacks, we urge you to read the following advice:

  • Never reply to any E-mails requesting that you must click on a link to some Internet web-site in order to fix some problem with your computer account, bank account, credit card etc.
  • Do not trust off-hand E-mail senders who claim to be someone at DTU, unless you can verify the correctness of the message content. Be suspicious of unusual and unexpected E-mail messages.
  • Never give anyone else your secret password or other personal information! No-one at DTU will EVER ask you to do so!!
  • If you have nevertheless made the mistake of giving away your secret password to someone else, please correct the mistake urgently:
    1. Change your password immediately on the DTU web-site https://password.dtu.dk, and
    2. Notify the DTU Fysik IT-staff immediately (E-mail: support@fysik.dtu.dk).
  • If necessary, the IT support staff and the department administrators can issue a new password for your DTU user account.

Questions and comments

Notice: Spam E-mails will slip through the spam filter occasionally! If you receive spam after Dec. 5, 2012 please forward such messages to support@fysik.dtu.dk.

Questions and comments should also be sent to support@fysik.dtu.dk. Suggestions of improvements of the present page are welcome as well!

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