Command-line tools

Finding all or some unocupied states

If you have a gpw-file containing the ground-state density for a plane-wave calculation, then you can set up the full \(H_{\mathbf{G}\mathbf{G}'}(\mathbf{k})\) and \(S_{\mathbf{G}\mathbf{G}'}(\mathbf{k})\) matrices in your plane-wave basis and use direct diagonalization to find all the eigenvalues and eigenstates in one step.


$ python3 -m gpaw.fulldiag [options] <gpw-file>


-h, --help

Show this help message and exit

-n BANDS, --bands=BANDS

Number of bands to calculate. Defaults to all.


Number of cores to use for ScaLapack. Default is one.

-d, --dry-run

Just write out size of matrices.

Typpically, you will want to run this in parallel and distrubute the matrices using ScaLapack:

$ mpiexec gpaw-python -m gpaw.fulldiag abc.gpw --scalapack=8