Source code for gpaw.utilities.ibz2bz

from pathlib import Path
from typing import Union

import numpy as np
import as ulm
from ase.units import Ha

from gpaw.mpi import world, serial_comm

[docs]def ibz2bz(input_gpw: Union[Path, str], output_gpw: Union[Path, str] = None) -> None: """Unfold IBZ to full BZ and write new gpw-file. Example:: ibz2bz('abc.gpw') This will create a 'abc-bz.gpw' file. Works also from the command line:: $ python3 -m gpaw.utilities.ibz2bz abc.gpw """ from gpaw import GPAW if world.rank > 0: return input_gpw = str(input_gpw) calc = GPAW(input_gpw, txt=None, communicator=serial_comm) spos_ac = calc.atoms.get_scaled_positions() kd = calc.wfs.kd nK = nbands = ns = calc.wfs.nspins I_a = None for K, k in enumerate(kd.bz2ibz_k): a_a, U_aii, time_rev = construct_symmetry_operators( calc.wfs.kd, calc.wfs.setups, spos_ac, K) if I_a is None: # First time: I1 = 0 I_a = [0] for U_ii in U_aii: I2 = I1 + len(U_ii) I_a.append(I2) I1 = I2 # Allocate arrays: P_sKnI = np.empty((ns, nK, nbands, I2), calc.wfs.dtype) e_sKn = np.empty((ns, nK, nbands)) f_sKn = np.empty((ns, nK, nbands)) weight = kd.weight_k[k] * (2 // kd.nspins) for s in range(ns): e_sKn[s, K] = calc.get_eigenvalues(k, s) f_sKn[s, K] = calc.get_occupation_numbers(k, s) / weight P_nI = calc.wfs.collect_projections(k, s) P2_nI = P_sKnI[s, K] a = 0 for b, U_ii in zip(a_a, U_aii): P_ni =[:, I_a[b]:I_a[b + 1]], U_ii) if time_rev: P_ni = P_ni.conj() P2_nI[:, I_a[a]:I_a[a + 1]] = P_ni a += 1 # Write new gpw-file: parameters = calc.todict() parameters['symmetry'] = 'off' if output_gpw is None: assert input_gpw.endswith('.gpw') output_gpw = input_gpw[:-4] + '-bz.gpw' out =, 'w') ulm.copy(input_gpw, out, exclude={'.wave_functions', '.parameters'}) out.child('parameters').write(**parameters) wfs = out.child('wave_functions') wfs.write(eigenvalues=e_sKn, fermi_levels=calc.wfs.fermi_levels * Ha, occupations=f_sKn, projections=P_sKnI) wfs.child('kpts').write(bz2ibz=np.arange(nK), bzkpts=kd.bzk_kc, ibzkpts=kd.bzk_kc, weights=np.ones(nK) / nK) out.close()
def construct_symmetry_operators(kd, setups, spos_ac, K): """Construct symmetry operators for PAW projections. We want to transform a k-point in the irreducible part of the BZ to the corresponding k-point with index K. Returns a_a, U_aii, and time_reversal, where: * a_a is a list of symmetry related atom indices * U_aii is a list of rotation matrices for the PAW projections * time_reversal is a flag - if True, projections should be complex conjugated. """ s = kd.sym_k[K] U_cc = kd.symmetry.op_scc[s] time_reversal = kd.time_reversal_k[K] ik = kd.bz2ibz_k[K] ik_c = kd.ibzk_kc[ik] a_a = [] U_aii = [] for a, id in enumerate(setups.id_a): b = kd.symmetry.a_sa[s, a] S_c =[a], U_cc) - spos_ac[b] x = np.exp(2j * np.pi *, S_c)) U_ii = setups[a].R_sii[s].T * x a_a.append(b) U_aii.append(U_ii) return a_a, U_aii, time_reversal if __name__ == '__main__': import sys ibz2bz(sys.argv[1])