Source code for gpaw.eigensolvers.eigensolver

"""Module defining an eigensolver base-class."""
from functools import partial

import numpy as np
from ase.dft.bandgap import _bandgap
from ase.units import Ha
from ase.utils.timing import timer

from gpaw.matrix import matrix_matrix_multiply as mmm
from gpaw.utilities.blas import axpy
from gpaw.xc.hybrid import HybridXC

def reshape(a_x, shape):
    """Get an ndarray of size shape from a_x buffer."""
    return a_x.ravel()[].reshape(shape)

[docs]class Eigensolver: def __init__(self, keep_htpsit=True, blocksize=1): self.keep_htpsit = keep_htpsit self.initialized = False self.Htpsit_nG = None self.error = np.inf self.blocksize = blocksize self.orthonormalization_required = True def initialize(self, wfs): self.timer = wfs.timer = self.kpt_comm = wfs.kd.comm self.band_comm = self.dtype = wfs.dtype = self.nbands = self.mynbands = if > 1: self.keep_htpsit = False if self.keep_htpsit: self.Htpsit_nG = np.empty_like(wfs.work_array) # Preconditioner for the electronic gradients: self.preconditioner = wfs.make_preconditioner(self.blocksize) for kpt in wfs.kpt_u: if kpt.eps_n is None: kpt.eps_n = np.empty(self.mynbands) self.initialized = True def reset(self): self.initialized = False
[docs] def weights(self, wfs): """Calculate convergence weights for all eigenstates.""" weight_un = np.zeros((len(wfs.kpt_u), if isinstance(self.nbands_converge, int): # Converge fixed number of bands: n = self.nbands_converge - if n > 0: for weight_n, kpt in zip(weight_un, wfs.kpt_u): weight_n[:n] = kpt.weight elif self.nbands_converge == 'occupied': # Conveged occupied bands: for weight_n, kpt in zip(weight_un, wfs.kpt_u): if kpt.f_n is None: # no eigenvalues yet weight_n[:] = np.inf else: # Methfessel-Paxton distribution can give negative # occupation numbers - so we take the absolute value: weight_n[:] = np.abs(kpt.f_n) else: # Converge state with energy up to CBM + delta: assert self.nbands_converge.startswith('CBM+') delta = float(self.nbands_converge[4:]) / Ha if wfs.kpt_u[0].f_n is None: weight_un[:] = np.inf # no eigenvalues yet else: # Collect all eigenvalues and calculate band gap: efermi = np.mean(wfs.fermi_levels) eps_skn = np.array( [[wfs.collect_eigenvalues(k, spin) - efermi for k in range(wfs.kd.nibzkpts)] for spin in range(wfs.nspins)]) if > 0: eps_skn = np.empty((wfs.nspins, wfs.kd.nibzkpts,, 0) try: # Find bandgap + positions of CBM: gap, _, (s, k, n) = _bandgap(eps_skn, spin=None, direct=False) except ValueError: gap = 0.0 if gap == 0.0: cbm = efermi else: cbm = efermi + eps_skn[s, k, n] ecut = cbm + delta for weight_n, kpt in zip(weight_un, wfs.kpt_u): weight_n[kpt.eps_n < ecut] = kpt.weight if (eps_skn[:, :, -1] < ecut - efermi).any(): # We don't have enough bands! weight_un[:] = np.inf return weight_un
[docs] def iterate(self, ham, wfs): """Solves eigenvalue problem iteratively This method is inherited by the actual eigensolver which should implement *iterate_one_k_point* method for a single iteration of a single kpoint. """ if not self.initialized: if isinstance(ham.xc, HybridXC): self.blocksize = self.initialize(wfs) weight_un = self.weights(wfs) error = 0.0 for kpt, weights in zip(wfs.kpt_u, weight_un): if not wfs.orthonormalized: wfs.orthonormalize(kpt) e = self.iterate_one_k_point(ham, wfs, kpt, weights) error += e if self.orthonormalization_required: wfs.orthonormalize(kpt) wfs.orthonormalized = True self.error = self.band_comm.sum(self.kpt_comm.sum(error))
[docs] def iterate_one_k_point(self, ham, kpt): """Implemented in subclasses.""" raise NotImplementedError
[docs] def calculate_residuals(self, kpt, wfs, ham, psit, P, eps_n, R, C, n_x=None, calculate_change=False): """Calculate residual. From R=Ht*psit calculate R=H*psit-eps*S*psit.""" for R_G, eps, psit_G in zip(R.array, eps_n, psit.array): axpy(-eps, psit_G, R_G) ham.dH(P, out=C) for a, I1, I2 in P.indices: dS_ii = ham.setups[a].dO_ii C.array[..., I1:I2] -=[..., I1:I2].T * eps_n).T, dS_ii) ham.xc.add_correction(kpt, psit.array, R.array, {a: P_ni for a, P_ni in P.items()}, {a: C_ni for a, C_ni in C.items()}, n_x, calculate_change), {a: C_ni for a, C_ni in C.items()}, kpt.q)
[docs] @timer('Subspace diag') def subspace_diagonalize(self, ham, wfs, kpt): """Diagonalize the Hamiltonian in the subspace of kpt.psit_nG *Htpsit_nG* is a work array of same size as psit_nG which contains the local part of the Hamiltonian times psit on exit First, the Hamiltonian (defined by *kin*, *vt_sG*, and *dH_asp*) is applied to the wave functions, then the *H_nn* matrix is calculated and diagonalized, and finally, the wave functions (and also Htpsit_nG are rotated. Also the projections *P_ani* are rotated. It is assumed that the wave functions *psit_nG* are orthonormal and that the integrals of projector functions and wave functions *P_ani* are already calculated. Return rotated wave functions and H applied to the rotated wave functions if self.keep_htpsit is True. """ if self.band_comm.size > 1 and raise NotImplementedError psit = kpt.psit tmp = H = wfs.work_matrix_nn P2 = Ht = partial(wfs.apply_pseudo_hamiltonian, kpt, ham) with self.timer('calc_h_matrix'): # We calculate the complex conjugate of H, because # that is what is most efficient with BLAS given the layout of # our matrices. psit.matrix_elements(operator=Ht, result=tmp, out=H, symmetric=True, cc=True) ham.dH(kpt.projections, out=P2) mmm(1.0, kpt.projections, 'N', P2, 'C', 1.0, H, symmetric=True) ham.xc.correct_hamiltonian_matrix(kpt, H.array) with wfs.timer('diagonalize'): slcomm, r, c, b = wfs.scalapack_parameters if r == c == 1: slcomm = None # Complex conjugate before diagonalizing: eps_n = H.eigh(cc=True, scalapack=(slcomm, r, c, b)) # H.array[n, :] now contains the n'th eigenvector and eps_n[n] # the n'th eigenvalue kpt.eps_n = eps_n[] with self.timer('rotate_psi'): if self.keep_htpsit: Htpsit = mmm(1.0, H, 'N', tmp, 'N', 0.0, Htpsit) mmm(1.0, H, 'N', psit, 'N', 0.0, tmp) psit[:] = tmp mmm(1.0, H, 'N', kpt.projections, 'N', 0.0, P2) kpt.projections.matrix = P2.matrix # Rotate orbital dependent XC stuff: ham.xc.rotate(kpt, H.array.T)
def estimate_memory(self, mem, wfs): gridmem = wfs.bytes_per_wave_function() keep_htpsit = self.keep_htpsit and ( == if keep_htpsit: mem.subnode('Htpsit', * gridmem) else: mem.subnode('No Htpsit', 0) mem.subnode('eps_n', * mem.floatsize) mem.subnode('eps_N', * mem.floatsize) mem.subnode('Preconditioner', 4 * gridmem) mem.subnode('Work', gridmem)