Documentation and tips and tricks to Dacapo

The intention with this page is that seasoned users of Dacapo can document their knowledge about the program. By doing so, persons who are not so experienced or are moving to a new subject can learn the caveats and tricks of Dacapo without doing all the mistakes themself.

List of elements

Releasing a new version of Dacapo

Here is what you have to do:

  • Make a fresh checkout from svn, and run cd Python/Dacapo/Tests; python

For the Python code:

  • Change the version number (e.g. 0.9.3) in Python/, and commit: cd dacapo; svn ci -m"Release Python-0.9.3"
  • Make a tag in svn: svn copy -r 450 -m "Release Python-0.9.3"
  • Make a tar file (cd Python; python sdist).

For the Fortran src code:

  • Make a tag in svn: svn copy -r 451 -m "Release src-2.7.13"
  • Create the tar file: cd dacapo; cd ..; cp -rp dacapo campos-dacapo-2.7.13; tar zcvf campos-dacapo-2.7.13.tar.gz campos-dacapo-2.7.13; rpm -rf campos-dacapo-2.7.13

For the pseudopotentials psp code:

  • Make a tag in svn: svn copy -r 440 -m "Release psp-1"
  • Create the tar file: cd dacapo; cd ..; cp -rp dacapo/psp campos-dacapo-pseudopotentials-1; tar zcvf campos-dacapo-pseudopotentials-1.tar.gz campos-dacapo-pseudopotentials-1; rpm -rf campos-dacapo-pseudopotentials-1

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