If you would like to contribute to the ASE project, you are most welcome to do so. There are many thing on the To do list. Just join the developer mailing list and read below how to code, test and document your work.

To maintain a mostly consistent style through all the ASE source code, we try to use a common Code standard.
All additions and modifications to ASE should be tested.
We suggest that you go easy on the docstring documentation in the code and save your strength for the documentation to be put in the ASE Manual. Here are some Documentation guidelines for how to write documentation and where to put it.
There are a number of things to do when Releasing a new version of ASE.

Would you like to add an ASE interface to your favorite calculator? Here is how you can do it.

Tips and tricks


Be sure to have these lines in your personal .pythonrc file:

import rlcompleter
import readline
readline.parse_and_bind("tab: complete")

and point the PYTHONSTARTUP environment variable at it (see here for details).

Easy access to this page

Any page can be added to the tabs at the top of all Wiki pages. Just go to UserPreferences and add the page (Development in this case) name to "Quick Links".