You found this outdated page accidentaly. The information on this page is outdated. Currently all our codes are available from anonymous svn checkouts. See Asap, ASE, Dacapo, and GPAW.

This page describes how the CamposASE code used to be accessed via CVS in the old days.


First you need to obtain a CVS login. Please contact our webmaster and request a login name to the Campos CVS repository. Your network domain must be included in our list of allowed hosts, so please supply an Internet domain your_department.your_campus.top_domain (for example, fysik.dtu.dk) or a specific host address, from where you wish to access the CVS repository.

For security reasons we do not accept entire campus domains in our access filter. By default you have read-only access to the dacapo/python CVS repository. If you wish to make code contributions, we will will give you write access as well. We use read-only access as default to minimize the risk of unintentional source commitment by inexperienced CVS users.

CVS is the Concurrent Versions System, an open-source network-transparent version control system.

Download code using CVS

Follow the steps below to obtain the code via CVS:

  • Obtain a user-ID and password as described above.

  • Login to our CVS server (only required at the first time access). In the following, USERID is the user-ID which you have been assigned. Now type:

    cvs -d :pserver:USERID@cvs.fysik.dtu.dk:/home/camp/CVSROOT  login

    You will now be prompted for a CVS password; type the password you have been assigned.

  • Now get the code:

    cvs -d :pserver:USERID@cvs.fysik.dtu.dk:/home/camp/CVSROOT checkout CamposASE2

    Doing this, you will download the latest version of CamposASE2.

You can get the latest versions of other Campos codes, Asap, Dacapo and GPAW also using svn. See Asap, Dacapo or GPAW for the specific cvs/svn directory.

CVS Commands

The most used CVS commands (omitting the -d etc.) are diff and update:

  • cvs diff [options]

    will compare your working files against a specific revision or the current version of dacapo/the python part.

  • cvs update [options]

    will synchronize your working files with the current versions. Thereby you can import the latest code modifications.

  • cvs logout

    When you are done, you may want to make a CVS logout. This will remove the CVS password entry in your file $HOME/.cvspass.

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