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import numpy as np

from import MolecularDynamics

[docs]class VelocityVerlet(MolecularDynamics): def __init__(self, atoms, timestep=None, trajectory=None, logfile=None, loginterval=1, dt=None, append_trajectory=False): # FloK: rename dt -> timestep and make sure nobody is affected if dt is not None: import warnings warnings.warn('dt variable is deprecated; please use timestep.', DeprecationWarning) timestep = dt if timestep is None: raise TypeError('Missing timestep argument') MolecularDynamics.__init__(self, atoms, timestep, trajectory, logfile, loginterval, append_trajectory=append_trajectory) def step(self, f=None): atoms = self.atoms if f is None: f = atoms.get_forces() p = atoms.get_momenta() p += 0.5 * self.dt * f masses = atoms.get_masses()[:, np.newaxis] r = atoms.get_positions() # if we have constraints then this will do the first part of the # RATTLE algorithm: atoms.set_positions(r + self.dt * p / masses) if atoms.constraints: p = (atoms.get_positions() - r) * masses / self.dt # We need to store the momenta on the atoms before calculating # the forces, as in a parallel Asap calculation atoms may # migrate during force calculations, and the momenta need to # migrate along with the atoms. atoms.set_momenta(p, apply_constraint=False) f = atoms.get_forces(md=True) # Second part of RATTLE will be done here: atoms.set_momenta(atoms.get_momenta() + 0.5 * self.dt * f) return f