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"""Berendsen NVT dynamics class."""

import numpy as np
from import MolecularDynamics
from ase.parallel import world

[docs]class NVTBerendsen(MolecularDynamics): """Berendsen (constant N, V, T) molecular dynamics. Usage: NVTBerendsen(atoms, timestep, temperature, taut, fixcm) atoms The list of atoms. timestep The time step. temperature The desired temperature, in Kelvin. taut Time constant for Berendsen temperature coupling. fixcm If True, the position and momentum of the center of mass is kept unperturbed. Default: True. """ def __init__(self, atoms, timestep, temperature, taut, fixcm=True, trajectory=None, logfile=None, loginterval=1, communicator=world, append_trajectory=False): MolecularDynamics.__init__(self, atoms, timestep, trajectory, logfile, loginterval, append_trajectory=append_trajectory) self.taut = taut self.temperature = temperature self.fixcm = fixcm # will the center of mass be held fixed? self.communicator = communicator def set_taut(self, taut): self.taut = taut def get_taut(self): return self.taut def set_temperature(self, temperature): self.temperature = temperature def get_temperature(self): return self.temperature def set_timestep(self, timestep): self.dt = timestep def get_timestep(self): return self.dt def scale_velocities(self): """ Do the NVT Berendsen velocity scaling """ tautscl = self.dt / self.taut old_temperature = self.atoms.get_temperature() scl_temperature = np.sqrt(1.0 + (self.temperature / old_temperature - 1.0) * tautscl) # Limit the velocity scaling to reasonable values if scl_temperature > 1.1: scl_temperature = 1.1 if scl_temperature < 0.9: scl_temperature = 0.9 p = self.atoms.get_momenta() p = scl_temperature * p self.atoms.set_momenta(p) return def step(self, f=None): """Move one timestep forward using Berenden NVT molecular dynamics.""" self.scale_velocities() # one step velocity verlet atoms = self.atoms if f is None: f = atoms.get_forces() p = self.atoms.get_momenta() p += 0.5 * self.dt * f if self.fixcm: # calculate the center of mass # momentum and subtract it psum = p.sum(axis=0) / float(len(p)) p = p - psum self.atoms.set_positions( self.atoms.get_positions() + self.dt * p / self.atoms.get_masses()[:, np.newaxis]) # We need to store the momenta on the atoms before calculating # the forces, as in a parallel Asap calculation atoms may # migrate during force calculations, and the momenta need to # migrate along with the atoms. For the same reason, we # cannot use self.masses in the line above. self.atoms.set_momenta(p) f = self.atoms.get_forces() atoms.set_momenta(self.atoms.get_momenta() + 0.5 * self.dt * f) return f