How to find information about Asap.

The best way to start learning about Asap is the examples and the manual. Experienced users may want to look at the computer generated documentation in the Reference Manual.

Remember that Asap relies heavily on the Atomic Simulation Environment (ASE), and what you look for may be in the ASE documentation instead.

Introduction If you are looking for a "high-level" overview of how Asap works and what it can do, you should read the introduction.
Examples The best way to learn how to use Asap and ASE is probably to work your way through the examples. If you have a specific problem, you may also find information here.
Manual Browsing the manual will also give you an overview of how Asap works and what it can do. It should explain not only how things are done, but also why.
Mailing list If you don't find what you are looking for, you can always ask a question on the ase-users mailing list.
Source code If you are a user at grandmaster or wizard level, you may want to look at the source code directly.
Performance How fast can you expect Asap to run on various machines?
Bugs What to do if you find a bug in Asap or in other parts of the CAMPOS software.
Development If you want to contribute to Asap, or learn more about the structure, look at the Development page.

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