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Using git

The Asap repository is on GitLab. If you develop Asap regularly, you should have a developer version of both ASE and Asap. Please see how to set up GitLab and git in the ASE developer documentation: GitLab repository

Once you have set up the ASE repository and your own clone at GitLab, do the same for Asap:

  • Go to and fork the project. You will now have a fork situated at

  • Clone your fork to your own machine:

    $ git clone
    $ cd ase
  • Add and track upstream (the original asap repository) on your own machine:

    $ git remote add upstream

    You now track both your own clone and the main repository.

  • If you want to update the PTM part of the source, you also need to track that repository. The Polyhedral Template Matching module is living in its own repository (on github), you need to access it to update which version Asap uses. Most developers don't need this!:

    git remote add ptm_remote

You now track these repositories:

$ git remote -v
origin (fetch)
origin (push)
upstream (fetch)
upstream (push)
ptm_remote (fetch)
ptm_remote (push)

where the last two are optional.

Making changes

These instructions are brief. For details, se the ASE page Making changes.

  • Make sure your own master branch is up-to-date with upstream, and does not contain local edits:

    $ git checkout master
    $ git fetch upstream
    $ git merge upstream/master --ff-only
  • OPTIONAL: Keep your own clone's master branch up to date:

    $ git push origin master
  • Make a local branch:

    $ git checkout -b my-branch-name
  • Make your changes and commit them locally

  • Push your changes to a branch in your own clone at gitlab:

    $ git push origin my-branch-name
  • Log in at GitLab, find the branch, and create a Merge Request.

Changing the PTM module

This is mostly a 'Note to self'. I do not expect anybody else to do this, but need to remember how to do it.

The PTM submodule could be tracked as a git submodule. However, while that is nice for the developers, it makes it complicated to clone the repository for people just wanting to use the developer version. Instead, we use 'subtree merging'.

  • Be sure the ptm_remote is set up:

    git remote add ptm_remote
  • Fetch from it:

    $ git fetch ptm_remote --no-tags
  • First time only: Make a branch for the other repo. Note that this branch tracks a different project, so your working copy better be clean!

    $ git checkout -b ptm_tracking ptm_remote/master
  • Update from the PTM repo, then switch back to the usual project:

    $ git checkout ptm_tracking
    $ git pull
    $ git checkout master
  • Make new branch for the change:

    $ git checkout -b my-new-ptm-change
  • Update the PTM code:

    $ git merge --squash -s recursive -X theirs -Xsubtree=PTM ptm_tracking
  • Test the update. Check it in, push it, and make a merge request.

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