Slurm batch queueing system

These pages constitute a HowTo guide for setting up a Slurm workload manager software installation based on RHEL 8 Linux and clones such as AlmaLinux and RockyLinux. It is strongly recommended to first read the official Slurm_documentation pages.

Older archived versions of these pages with information related to pre-23.02 Slurm and CentOS 7 Linux may be found in the archive or in the v24.06 release of these pages.

Much of the information should be relevant on other Linux versions as well. The present pages are not official documents from SchedMD but only a user’s contribution to the Slurm community.

The information has been subdivided into sub-pages for separate Slurm topics:

Slurm documentation

Documentation from SchedMD about Slurm:

Documentation from other sources: