Calendar service

The central DTU Exchange server contains shared calendars for all mailbox users (not mail contacts, i.e., external addresses).

We have set up a DavMail service gateway service at DTU Fysik.

Outlook users

Users of Microsoft Outlook have built-in calendar functions.

To be written…

Outlook Web Access at DTU

If your mailbox is hosted by the DTU Exchange server, you can access your mailbox including calendar items using Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA). You simply log in to the DTU Outlook Web Access server using a web browser.

Thunderbird users

There is a Danish website for Mozilla calendars at You can also look at

The Thunderbird extension Lightning can be used to enable calendar messages within Thunderbird.

Maybe we can also use Provider for Microsoft Exchange (need to test it) ?

Thunderbird Lightning for Linux

RPMs for Thunderbird Lightning can be found at

Perhaps this site can also be used:

Thunderbird Lightning for Windows

In Thunderbird 3.1 (and above) go to the menu item Tools->Add-ons:

  • In this window use the Get Add-ons pane and search for Lightning.

  • Click Add to Thunderbird.

After restarting, Thunderbird will have the Lightning calendar extension in the menu bar item Events and Tasks:

  • Select Events and Tasks->Calendar (Control+Shift+C) to view the calendar pane.

Configuring Thunderbird for a DavMail calendar

Set up a standard IMAP mail account (an example) and then see the Thunderbird calendar setup.

At DTU, the DavMail service client should use this network CalDAV server address:

changing of course the USERNAME.

This has been tested on Windows with Thunderbird 3.1, Lightning 1.02beta. It also seems OK on CentOS Linux with Thunderbird 2.0 and Lightning 0.9.

National holiday calendars

If you wish to import your national holiday calendar into your personal calendar, there is a list of calendars here Calendar - Holiday Files which you can import using the File->Import calendar… menu.

Thunderbird LDAP directory setup

DavMail service Directory support is now available to access Exchange address book through LDAP. See Thunderbird directory setup

Configuring Evolution for a DavMail calendar

The evolution calendar window is displayed by View->Window->Calendars (Ctrl+3).

In the calendar pane, right-click and choose New calendar. Select Type=CalDAV and in the New calendar window enter: